How Do I Get Parents to Help Their Child With Homework?

It takes a whole community to raise a child and one of the things I am most passionate about is getting family members involved in my student’s education.  I have figured out several tips and tricks to get even the most difficult parents to reach to school.  One of the biggest complaints I have heard from other teachers is their students never do their homework and they don’t understand why their parents will not help their child.  Throughout my years teaching I have learned ALL parents want to help their children.  Yes… even the crazy ones and the ones who constantly avoid visiting the school!

One of the most important ways a parent can help their child succeed by ensuring they complete work and study at home.  But, the problem is a lot of parents do not know how to do this and just need a little help.  When I realized this I began creating parent study guides for each unit, starting with math.  I immediately received emails and comments from parents telling me how much they appreciated the extra help.  Who all has heard the statement, “you all teach things different than the way we did it when I was in school.”  Once I started my parent study guides I started less of that and more of, “I am so glad you showed me how you’re teaching this subject in your classroom.  I have been trying to help Kimmy with homework and this really helps!”


I have addition & subtraction (with and without decimals), circles, and comparing fractions and decimals parent study guides on my Teachers Pay Teachers store for FREE!!  If these seem like something that would benefit your classroom there are additional study guides and bundled packs as well.  Most of these are geared towards 5th grade but I am currently working on a year’s worth of 3rd and 4th grade parent study guides.  These will be available soon!


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