To Give Homework or Not Give Homework? That is the question!

I can never decide how I feel about homework.  Those in favor of no homework say kids need to be kids and enjoy other things outside of school.  They also say it is not fair to our disadvantaged students since they are less likely to receive help or encouragement to get the homework done.  Both valid points.

The pro homework team say students need homework because they need to practice at home and that homework is an additional opportunity to give students work there wasn’t enough time to do in class.  They also say kids need to get use to taking responsibility for their school work because no one will be encouraging them to go to work every day once they grow up and have a real job.  Also valid points.

I’m a big flip flopper on this issue.  When I hear the no homework people talk I agree with what their saying and then when I hear the pro homework people I agree with them.  I also think it is interesting that research can provided to prove almost any point.  The no homework group has research to support their argument and the pro homework people have research to support their position.

Since I’m such a flip flopper, I try to find a common ground between the two.  I send homework home on Monday and then it’s not due until Friday.  No complaints about there wasn’t enough time to do it or they had other things going on.  It also forces the student to think about organization.  They have to look at their schedule and decide if they will do it all in one night or spread it out over a week.

What are your thoughts about homework?  How do you implement it in your classroom?

I attached an article that presents both sides of the issue:


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