I Haven’t Forgotten This Blog… I’ve Just Been Making LOTS Of FREEBIES!

So… I haven’t forgotten this blog exists! I have just been extremely busy making my store the best it can be for all my customers. In the past two and a half weeks, I have updated almost 75% of products in my store, added LOTS of new holiday products, and LOTS of new FREEBIES!! I will take the time to expound on some of these things soon but today I wanted to make all my customers aware of some great new freebies in my store.

First, just in time for Thanksgiving, is my ‘Fragments & Complete Sentences Sort Using Turkey Facts.’ My ‘Fragments & Complete Sentences Sort Using Bat Facts’ has been one of my best selling products for the past year and I wanted to create something similar to complement one of my favorite times of year. To get this fun freebie click on the picture below.


Next, my math interactive notes and parent study guide bundles have been increasing in sales since my blog post about parent study guides. Since these bundles are so large, and therefore a little more costly, I wanted to create some samples for those who are thinking about purchasing one of the bundles but not completely sure what they will get. Currently, there is a ‘Comparing Fractions & Decimals Interactive Notes,’ ‘Comparing Fractions & Decimals Parent Study Guide,’ and ‘Circles Parent Study Guide.’ Click the images to get any of these freebies and preview the bundles.




Lastly, I recently put out a Reading Skills Bundle for Grades 3-5. This bundle includes lots of interactive notes, graphic organizers, and worksheets that make great centers or homework. I put together two freebies to give customers a preview of this product; ‘Fact & Opinion Interactive Notes & Worksheets’ and ‘Making Inferences Interactive Notes & Worksheets.’ I just posted the inferences freebie last night and am already amazed at how many have been downloaded!! Thank you to each of my amazing customers for your support! Once again, click on the images to download these freebies.

fact & opinion


Thank you again for your support! Since I cannot go work in a classroom right now, I spend the same number of hours I would normally be there working on my store most days. So, there are constantly new products, updates, and freebies being added. If you want to be notified when freebies and new products are added, be sure to follow my store by clicking the green ‘follow me’ at the top of my store page, next to the store logo.


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